In the past few years, GraphQL has proven to be one the most dominant stacks in software development due to multiple common problems it solves such as data over fetching and under fetching. However developing a GraphQL API in Node.js with TypeScript is sometimes a bit of a pain.

Why ?

Let’s take a look at the steps we usually have to take.

First, we create all the schema types in SDL. We also create our data models using ORM classes, which represent our database entities. Then we start to write resolvers for our queries, mutations and fields. This forces…

In this short article we are going to learn how to implement basic shopping cart operations, to be precise we will mainly implement five operations which are:

  • Get list of items
  • Get items total price
  • Add an item
  • Remove one item
  • Remove all items

Now we know the number operations we are going to implement, let’s also identify different data structure we shall need in order to achieve that task. For storing items, we will be using a list which is one of the four types of collection offered by Dart, it is equivalent to array and is an ordered…

Verdotte Aututu

Mobile Application & Backend Developer

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